clehrich (clehrich) wrote,

Hi Gang

Long time, no post. You probably thought I'd never re-surface.

Well, I'm not entirely sure I have re-surfaced. I am rather swamped by professional work, and a career that is finally developing somewhat in a good direction. You can expect to see the odd posting here, though -- I doubt I'll go a year of silence again in the near future, anyway.

I am currently working, very slowly, on some bits and pieces of a "how to design a fantasy culture from the ground up" thing, which will be a string of very long articles. In the process, I'm trying to teach some basics of some classics of the study of culture. Expect to see some piece of this within a month.

I notice I'm still listed on the Squidoos and whatnot, so presumably whoever cares will see this message.

See you all soon.
Tags: news
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