clehrich (clehrich) wrote,

Back from Xmas

Hi gang. Sorry about the hiatus, but the ISP in Vermont completely died.

So, now that I'm back, a question for you all. I've been working slowly on two closely-related articles about designing cultures for fantasy RPGs. One is about culture in general, soup to nuts, and the other is about religion in particular. Both seem to be turning out exceedingly long, and that's not just because I'm long-winded: I find myself having to explain a lot of "first principles" because most of what academics who study this stuff -- particularly religion -- is so drastically at odds with the assumptions that underlie mainstream designs in RPGs.

Here's my question.

Does anyone care? I mean, if I post a 10-page chunk of a much longer article, will anyone actually read it?

I'll get back to the current running topics soon, I promise.
Tags: news, religion
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