May 3rd, 2007


Design and Theory

For once, I will post some remarks about design, in response to a post on Ben's LJ and the initiating Forge thread and a followup thread, which is simply the order in which I read them. In essence, there has been some discussion --- and I gather there has also been reaction, some of it violent, elsewhere on the web --- of half-baked games being published too soon, the Forge’s possible and actual participation in this situation and the potential for improvement, what the Forge is and should really be for, and any given designer’s own personal emphases with respect to play, design, publishing, the community, and so on.

If I wanted to comment on these threads directly, with reference to their original contexts and debates and personalities and whatnot, I’d do so at the Forge, breaking my self-imposed omerta (which is mostly a matter of lack of interest combined with lack of time). This is just my own weird take on the issues from what is perhaps a peculiar perspective.

What I will propose here is an alternative theoretical direction that may perhaps be of some service with reference to these difficulties. Please be aware that this post is VERY LONG.

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