December 19th, 2005



This LJ blog is for topics of interest to RPG theory, broadly defined. Come one, come all, pile in and talk about RPG theory.

Please, keep it clean: no flames, no assaults, no name-calling.

Who Am I?

Every now and again, somebody decides to give me a hard time about my academic pretensions. I think maybe I should start with a brief autobiographical statement, just to get that out of the way. If you want to discuss my life and professional career, please take it to chrislehrich.

It would be nice if others could post some sort of statement on who they are in reply. Just so's everybody kind of knows each other.
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Texts and Objects

What’s the text in an RPG? Is it the rules, the game as it played out, the post-game transcript or summary? Given that all these make sense, how would analysis be affected by a given choice? When we say we are analyzing RPGs, what object are we talking about? (I don’t mean a definition, but what’s the object of study, primarily?)

Tabletop and LARP

I know little or nothing about LARPs, but the Nordic LARP community is pretty vibrant and exciting. How do things change analytically if we talk about one or the other form of gaming, or try to talk about all of it at once?